Marbella Modern Developments

The resurgence of the construction sector on the Costa del Sol, which started in the wake of newfound demand for the region’s property and lifestyle, has coincided with a new design ethic not just here in Marbella but around the world.
Las Terrazas de CortesinModern architecture, as exemplified by clean, flowing lines, open plan floors, lots of glass and often pristine white walls, is enjoying its strongest revival in Europe since the early modernism of the post-war era. Many of the best architects are combining inspiration from the 1950s and 60s, or even further back, with the expressive and creative freedom that the latest design tools and construction materials permit.

The result is a new burst of creative energy, with people like Zaha Hadid at its centre. In Marbella, many of the region’s most famous architectural names are relishing the opportunity to experiment with modern designs and endow villas, apartment complexes and public buildings with the innovative, personalised styles of the era. The result, among other things, is a return to white for Marbella’s urban landscape.

Advanced technologies in your Home

But it isn’t just the clean, modern styles with open-plan interiors that today’s homebuyers expect. They also demand the best international standards when it comes to building, safety, energy efficiency, materials and the modern amenities provided by advanced technologies. This is where engineers come in, and more specifically civil engineers and those specialised in lighting, electronics and the installation of the best pump, heating and cooling systems available.domotica_01The new villas and apartments for sale in Marbella and its surroundings are therefore not only striking in their variety of contemporary architectural styling, but also in the sophisticated home automation systems they offer. These can control anything from home irrigation and security to lighting settings, the creation of lightscaping moods, climate control, maintenance sensors detecting possible technical problems, home entertainment systems and even ‘smart kitchens’ connected to the internet.

Developments made for the 21st century

All of this contributes to a new standard of Marbella home, both in aesthetic, practical and quality terms. The FM Consulting Group has been responsible for the creation of many of the most attractive, innovative and popular property developments on the Costa del Sol over the past quarter century, and now – as always – stands at the forefront of improvements in the creation of leading new projects in the area.

Our technical prowess combined with our many years of experience ensure that projects such as Las Terrazas de Cortesín set a new standard in terms of quality, style and luxury amenities – both within the development and the individual properties themselves. Situated within a luxurious country club environment surrounding the beautiful five-star Finca Cortesin resort hotel, the two and three-bedroom apartments combine modern luxury with sea views in a peaceful setting with all the services of a renowned deluxe hotel on your doorstep.

Terrazas de Cortesin

For more information about Las Terrazas de Cortesín and the other landmark projects of the FM Group, please contact our team – they will be pleased to provide you with all the details you want on the best new developments on the Costa del Sol.