Everyone wants Modern in Marbella today

Undeniably, the current trend in architecture is heavily skewed towards the Modern. If you’re in any doubt as to what ‘Modern’ means, it refers to a style that employs simplicity in form and design. Straight lines, cubes and large areas of window space are its key signatures; it is an approach that strips away fancy frills and any unnecessary elements. Every aspect of the home is intended to showcase the design of a linear-inspired space.

Syzygy The Villas

This architectural approach is well suited to the Andalusian landscape and Marbella in particular, in the same way that it proved a hit in California. Admirers of the work of British artist David Hockney’s A Bigger Splash paintings, with their light-filled pools and sparkling white, cubic residences will be familiar with the way that a sunny climate, especially those bordering a desert and mountainous region are the perfect backdrop for a linear style that seamlessly blends with them. A current trend amongst local architects in the Marbella region is to find ways to link the exterior areas of the property with the interior in a way that ensures there is a continuous flow between them, maximising use of all the space for living—and with sun most of the year in Andalusia, that is perfectly logical.

This style of property calls for a minimalist approach to interior design that allows the space to make the biggest statement. Yet, having said that, this style of property is also perfect for splashes of bright colour, large works of art and sculpture that would look out of place in a less open plan interior. Part of the attraction of Marbella’s modern properties is that they are like a blank canvas on which every owner can stamp their individual taste, plus they do lend themselves to a technological lifestyle in ways that more traditional architecture doesn’t.

Terrazas de Atalaya

Increasingly, buyers today want a home with domotic technology installed. The ability to control music systems, air conditioning, blinds, curtains, lights, security systems and more with one control panel is highly desirable. Due to the fact that many of the modern apartments and villas in Marbella come with this technology already in situ is an important contributing factor to sales as the premier investment development at Las Terrazas de Atalaya has proved.

SYZYGY Homes specialises in modern homes “designed for the ultimate Marbella lifestyle.” They understand that form, function and setting must come together in perfect harmony. Yet, they never forget that a modern and stylish residence still needs to provide a feeling of comfort and homeliness. FM Properties is proud to promote both of these prime Marbella developments and provides a bespoke service to clients looking for a modern home that fits their lifestyle exactly.

We also have an extensive portfolio of other modern apartments and villas for sale, and as these properties really do sell well, we’d encourage you to visit our office soon so that we can show you the best in modern Marbella living.